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MacBook Replacement Parts and Repairs

Standard Operating Procedure

“Break your Tech, not your wallet.”

By the time you are reading this, you may have already taken your MacBook to the nearest Apple store or Apple authorised centre and probably been told one of the two things: “It is out of warranty and we can’t fix this.” or “We can fix your MacBook but your data will definitely be wiped out in the process ”

If you are in a dilemma, either because it is too costly to get a new MacBook or you do need your data to be intact, we have the solution for you.

Skilled Macbook Repair Singapore Doctors

Since many people use Macs in their daily activities, iDevice in Singapore provides Macbook Repair in Singapore.

There are accredited Apple stores that provide these repair services, and many other quality repair stores that can outsource original parts and equipment from a verified Apple dealer. Our Macbook specialists in Singapore experienced in the repair, corrosion cleaning, upgrade, and comprehensive repair of all parts of the Mac.

Possible Failures of MacBook and their Resolutions

MacBook has virtually less problems and is an ideal choice for customers, however, we cannot evade any misfortune. Though, when iDevice has specialists, there is no need to worry. We are at the top of the list and can be contacted.

Broken Screen

One of the current problems is the damaged screen of the MacBook, it may need to be replaced. No issues, because we understand that glass needs a lot of specialization to be replaced, so we have already served you. Help your elegant machine and get it to the specialists of MacBook. The fragile glass screen of a MacBook is normally a problem, however, it is not for iDevice.

Hard Disk Issues

The hard disk may sometimes have problems. They collapse when you need it to the maximum. iDevice is here to assist with battery replacement as well. You don’t need to bother about authenticity, we provide all the excellent products immediately from the Apple store. Our specialists will not only restore the Macbook data, although your MacBook repair will also be done with reliable hands.

Keyboard Issues

No matter how better the machine is, a writer or developer can drive it crazy. Certainly, typing may damage the keyboard. We provide a resolution for your MacBook. It can be repaired through iDevice. Therefore, in case a similar problem bothers you, allows us to give you a solution.

Software Problems

As a developer, you must understand the necessity of software updates, and you can also do it yourself. In a different case, we can solve the software problem for you. Generally, this issue occurs as a new update is not installed. You have to install them quickly and restore the high-quality MacBook performance.

MacBook Battery Replacement

It is difficult to detect issues with the built-in battery. However, you can focus on battery performance within settings. Select the Apple logo on the top left of the screen -> select About-> choose the System Report button. Navigate to “Hardware” and then move down to the “Power” section. Now, you can get the health information of the battery.

Below this, there is a cycle count, if it is higher than 500, the battery needs to be replaced. Also, the dedicated specialists and proficient team always look forward to providing the most reliable repair solutions. We are the most suitable solutions for MacBook repair in Singapore. These machines are a model of quality and hardly any problems occur, but the above problems are very common.

You should beware of any damage if accidentally happened, iDevice is the most suitable choice. We do not allow your equipment to be used for a long time and offer immediate solutions.

Therefore, for any upgrade, data recovery or repair, you can know where to seek service as a first-hand solution.

Possible reasons for Macbook Parts Replacement/Repairs:

  • Macbook Battery Replacement 
  • Macbook Keyboard Replacement 
  • Macbook SSD Replacement (Excludes the newer built-in models)
  • Macbook Touch Bar Replacement 
  • Macbook I/O Board Replacement 
  • Macbook Trackpad Replacement 
  • Macbook Speakers Replacement 
  • Macbook LCD/Screen Repair or Replacement 
  • Macbook Wifi Card Replacement 
  • Macbook Motherboard Replacement

Our 1-2-3-4 Step Process:

  • Provide a Free Diagnostic (i.e. No fees for checking) 
  • Provide a Quotation (May decline to repair and there would be no charges at this point) 
  • Proceed with repair works only after receiving your confirmation 
  • Once fixed, we will call you and payment is made upon collection of your fixed MacBook.

Repair Time-line

  • Macbook Battery Replacement | 45 mins – 120 mins
  • Macbook Keyboard Replacement | 1 day
  • Macbook SSD Replacement (Exclude newer built-in model) | 45 mins – 120 mins
  • Macbook Touch Bar Replacement | 1-2 days
  • Macbook I/O Board Replacement | 45 mins – 90 mins
  • Macbook Trackpad Replacement | 45 mins – 90 mins
  • Macbook Speaker Replacement | 60 mins – 180 mins
  • Macbook Lcd Replacement | 1.5 – 4 hours
  • Macbook Wifi Card Replacement | 45 mins – 90 mins | 55On-Board WIFI Chip | 3 – 5 days
  • Macbook Motherboard Replacement | 60 – 120 mins (Depends on availability)

Emergency MacBook Repair, No Issue

We provide our services on a first-come, first-served basis every day-we will not let you make an online appointment for other days. Our repairs are usually faster than different repairers keeping reliability, security and safety intact.

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